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My story


My journey as a life coach started many years ago with a belief that I wasn’t ‘good enough’ a belief I now realise dominates a lot of us. This limiting belief affected many areas of my life and caused me to self-sabotage.

Things happen such as ‘a relationship breakup’ or ‘I didn’t get the job’ but my story was this has happened because I wasn’t good enough.  The more you reinforce the belief the more you believe it and yet there was something within me that wanted to change, I needed help!

I started to explore the possibility of change by using ‘NLP’ and ‘Life Coaching’ this gave me the opportunity to explore my own ‘sabotaging beliefs’ and realise that everyone has within them the means to change but only when you experience a different perspective. I proved this to myself when I walked the ‘Fire Walk’ at an Anthony Robbins weekend seminar, this is how powerful NLP & Coaching can be.

Why did I walk the Fire walk? I challenged my limitations and the old story I kept telling myself and walked the fire.   It is only our beliefs that stop us from achieving the life we want! This whole experience has completely changed my life for the better and I now live my life with a new set of beliefs.

Having the right mentor can help you with:


Personal growth


Personal growth means different things to different people, to some it may mean a commitment to improving your health and fitness, communicating better with your partner or at work.  To others it may mean focusing on your life goals such as a career or finances.


Working out what you really want is the first step, what are you passionate about and in what areas of your life would you like to focus on?   Once you are clear, then think about your motivation behind the goal.  Will it bring you happiness, strengthen your relationships, create more productivity, enable you to live a healthier life for you and your family. By realising that you may be driven by factors bigger than yourself you will feel more encouraged to commit to achieving personal growth.


Once you have decided on what your outcome will be the next step is to look at what is stopping you or getting in your way.  For many people new challenges feel daunting and when they come up against an obstacle they give up because often there is an underlying limiting belief within them that says ‘I can’t do this or I’m not good enough’ so they give up instead of accepting that there will be challenges along their journey.  It is how we negotiate them, remove them or reframe them that helps us to get closer to our goals.


Coaching helps you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself, identifying any old habits and how you see yourself in relations to others.  Working with any limiting beliefs so that you can overcome these inner conflicts that lead to self-sabotage and help you to align with our goals.




Often, we settle for less than what we are capable of due to the fear of rejection and not speaking up! We all act consistently with who we think or believe we are, so if we feel insignificant we will not speak up.   This is often based on a set of standards or beliefs going back to our childhood, the way we were treated by significant others, our conditioning and what we consider to be our identity.  We need to look at our limitations and connect to our true nature. Why live with who we believe we are?

By challenging our old beliefs, by expanding who we are, by raising your standards and asking what you want we start to empower ourselves and take control of our own life.


This makes us feel significant and motivates us to grow into more than what we are.